Hello, and thanks for your interest in BladeTape – still the best kept secret in hockey equipment!

ted-nesbitt-lord-stanleyI’m the company’s new owner Ted Nesbitt. Like many of our customers, I was practically born with skates on, practiced and played hockey year round, and dreamt of one day hoisting Lord Stanley’s cup over my head. Since hanging my skates up, I’ve remained in love with the game my whole life. I’m a devoted fan, I’ve done some minor hockey coaching on and off – and am a proud Hockey Dad.

Before I went to work for BladeTape, as a Production Manager, I had never heard of the product. I found the concept interesting, but have to admit that I was skeptical. Still, I couldn’t wait to get some BladeTape home and try it out.

My son and I followed the simple application instructions, and went for a skate on a nearby rink. We played keep-away, ran plays, took shots on the net. Later we joined a game of shinny. We were suddenly and quite definitely both hooked on BladeTape from that day on – and he’s continued to use BladeTape in triple-a games, ever since.

As a company, BladeTape struggled to hit it’s stride. Sales were in what seemed to be a perpetual slump and the inevitable spiral of cost-cutting eventually made it’s way around to yours truly, the Production Manager. At that point, after a great deal of soul searching (and with the support and encouragement of family and friends) I decided to buy the company.

BladeTape is a fantastic, almost revolutionary hockey product. Customers who try it love it – every bit as much as my son and I did the first time I brought a couple of packages of BladeTape home to play with. While, at this stage, we’re not in a position to procure professional endorsements, I know of 22 NHL players who play using our product. We have testimonials from several men and women playing at the highest levels in hockey – and we have a largely untapped market.

Whether or not you decide to give BladeTape a whirl today, I would encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter – so that we can keep you up to date, occasionally, throughout the year. We’ll have product news and exclusive promotions for subscribers – and plan to share the best puck handling tips and tricks we can find. If email isn’t your thing, you can ‘Like’ us on Facebook, and/or follow us on twitter. I hope you will.

Thanks again for your time and interest! Keep your stick on the ice!


Ted Nesbitt