As we all get ready for what’s sure to be a strong NHL Playoff run for many teams, Mother Nature teases us with great days of Sun, birds chirping, smells of Spring, and promise of what’s to come.  She then follows days like that up with rainy, grey, miserable cloud filled days with no Sun at all—we even got 6 inches of snow here north of Toronto last night!  While Winter may be over, we’re still a few weeks away from the glory of open window sleeping, driving with the window down and the tunes cranked, and the sure sign of summer—shorts and flip flops.

To help you shake off the blahs of some of this April weather, BladeTape are offering some wicked awesome deals in April on some of our colours, and TauntTape designs.

No Excuses!

If you’ve never tried BladeTape, picking up a set for 5 bucks might be just the incentive for you to try it out.  And If you’re already a dedicated BladeTaper, then maybe change your game up for the next few months by slapping some colour on your stick blade.  You could take this opportunity to set some of your buds up with some BladeTape too, since it’s a deal, and you’ve got a big heart.

Remember, BladeTape works on ice, is great for roller hockey for all you NARCHers, TORHSers and StateWarrriors.  While many like a naked blade for ball hockey, we get lots of compliments from ball hockey players too on how BladeTape helps their shot placement, and increases their ball control.

Load up now, we’re not going to tell you when this great deal ends…..

Promo ended April 30 2017.