Just got another note back from a Hockey Dad I was checking in with earlier this week.  Both he and his son are longtime BladeTape users and supporters.

His son is playing AAA with a very good Organization, and is a sick-hands goal scorer.  New Coach this year saw our player’s BladeTape and, well, I’ll let our player’s Dad take it from here;

“His coach is amazed at his puck skills, and at the start of the year didn’t want him using BladeTape.  In one practice he broke his stick and switched to his backup and his coach instantly saw a difference in his puck control.  During the shootout at the end, he put his puck mastery on display picking up the puck and turning the goalie inside out.

Now their shooting coach is thinking twice about his rule and asked the kids to try BladeTape at practice.

I’ll be in touch for more BladeTape for the entire team, I’m sure.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard that the Coach of a high end team “you’re not using BladeTape”, only to have one of our BladeTapers show the Coach why BladeTape really works.

BladeTape, Better Puck Control for All Ages and Skill Levels.