This is an urgent call to BladeTape Nation

One of the things we all love about our sport is what takes place off the ice: The hockey community has an outstanding record for supporting good causes – for banding together in times of need, and making a real difference in people’s lives.

Bring Ryan Home is raising money to cover family expenses following Coach Ryan Crowther’s sudden, tragic death, behind the bench (more below). The campaign has stalled, just short of its goal. Thankfully, Coach Ryan is now home and laid to rest – but there is still much to cope with, and many expenses for his family to cover. Let’s join together, to push donations over the top – before the end of 2016!

Extended to Midnight Sunday, January 8, 2017!

We’re offering one FREE set of BladeTape to EVERYONE who donates $5 or more

Donate $5 or more before midnight on Dec 31st Jan 8, 2017, email your donation receipt to me – – and I’ll send you a coupon entitling you to a FREE set of BladeTape of your choice. Please note that standard shipping charges apply – so feel free to save the coupon to use with your next purchase.  You’ve got a whole year to use it (Expires Dec 31, 2017).

About Coach Ryan Crowther

Ryan grew up in Orillia, Ontario, located at the north end of Lake Simcoe, a couple of hours north of Toronto. If there’s an intensely hockey town in Ontario, well, Orillia is it. Of all the barns I visited with my son over the years, be it A, AA, or AAA level hockey, Orillia usually iced a skilled, tough and disciplined team.

A product of Orillia, Ryan went on to play Jr A in the high level OHL for the Belleville Bulls – and enjoyed a successful minor pro career before hanging them up. He returned to his family in native Orillia and continued to coach for the sheer love of the game. I didn’t know Ryan, but I’ve gathered that he was tough as nails, never backing down from a challenge. He was also a beloved husband, father and coach to Midland-Orillia’s Minor Midget AAA Predators Team when, at a tournament in Chicago, tragedy struck. Coach Ryan had a medical emergency behind the bench during a game on November 13th. Despite valiant efforts by Emergency Services, Ryan passed away at the age of 37.

Coach Ryan’s sudden passing reminds us that tragedy can strike anyone, anywhere, at any time.

It’s comforting to know that the hockey community is there for us – and for our families – when we need each other most. I didn’t know Ryan, but I value the things we had in common. News of his loss (and the loss to his family and team) touched many deeply, myself included. Not really knowing how to help, I reached out to some people –”Tonight’s 3 Stars” – each of whom went above and beyond.

Ryan Crowther’s family needs our love and support, right now: Donate $5 or more and receive a FREE set of BladeTape.

“Tonight’s 3 Stars”

Roger Crandell

My first call was to North Central Ontario Hockey Association President, Roger Crandell. Roger was very welcoming and informative. This is man who makes things happen.

We spoke about how the boys who Ryan coached are coping, about plans for a ceremony honouring Coach Crowther at the boys first home game after the tragedy, and the “Bring Ryan Home” campaign. Roger graciously accepted a donation of custom printed BladeTape for the Association to aid with fundraising efforts, and a special “Coach Ryan” BladeTape for presentation to the Minor Midget team themselves.

Thank you, Roger!

Mike Arsalides

Mike Arsalides is a well-loved regional Sportscaster with CTV, with a friendly smile and a warm heart. I had met Mike once, briefly, when he featured my son’s Midget A East Gwillimbury Eagles Team, just before they embarked on their “History through Hockey” European Tour. After trading emails, Mike produced and aired this touching segment from the ceremony honouring Coach Ryan’s memory.

Thank you, Mike!

Don Cherry and Ron Maclean

Don and Ron need no introduction in Canada. We’ve welcomed them into our homes every Saturday night for decades. We all know they have hearts of pure gold. There is no bigger stage in the Canadian Hockey Community than Coach’s Corner, and getting a message to them about this tragedy and fundraiser was of paramount importance.

Ron is a fan of BladeTape and has become a friend. He was, of course, extremely benevolent and helpful, instantly recognizing the importance of helping the members of Coach Ryan’s Team cope with this, as well as the entire Community. And so, on Saturday November 26th, Don and Ron shared stories of Ryan on Coach’s Corner as part of a healing tribute to the Hockey Community of Midland and Orillia.

Immediately after the Coach’s Corner segment aired, Don and Ron sat in studio and filmed this heartfelt, personal message to play at the ceremony honouring Coach Ryan.

Thank you Don and Ron!

Final Thoughts

If you haven’t already, please donate. Remember to email your donation receipt for $5 or more to me – – in order to receive your coupon for a FREE set of BladeTape. Thank you!

If tragedy strikes in your hockey community, I’d like BladeTape to help. The good people we call customers – BladeTape Nation – will probably pitch in whatever they can. If this campaign is successful, we’ll do this again, when called upon!

Thank you for your time and generosity!