Longtime BladeTape user NHL Goalie Chris Mason in action for the Winnipeg Jets. Chris is now retired and does color commentary on Nashville Predators broadcasts. (Image Courtesy NHL.com)

Late December Goalie Love

Where would your Team be without your Goalie?

Some joker might say “First Place!”, but we all know that if it wasn’t for that last line of defense, your Goalie, your team would be s-krewed….

So why do Goalies get forgotten about and left out all the time?  So many times we have stores ordering BladeTape, or Teams ordering BladeTape, and they talk “Player player player” and we have to remind them to order Goalie BladeTape.

Yep, Goalies are on their own island–they are indeed unique individuals. And so, going in to the last week of December, we want to remind Goalies that we love them and offer 50% off ALL GOALIE BLADETAPE until December 30.

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Stay tuned for some very cool info involving Former NHL Goalie and BladeTape user Chris Mason in the New Year!!