After a number of requests from a small, but fairly vocal contingent of loyal BladeTape customers – we’re happy to re-introduce GripTape.

Customers who use GripTape swear by it. Here’s why:

Customers who use GripTape prefer its light weight, “bulkless” grip. Personal preferences aside, several GripTape fans believe the palms of their hockey gloves last longer as a direct result of switching from cloth tape.

My son and I tested this glove-saving theory out a few years ago.

After two straight years of palms wearing through, I asked him to try switching to GripTape. He didn’t like it at first, having spent years ‘perfecting’ his own taping method. But he also loved the new gloves we had just purchased, so he persisted. It didn’t take long for him to adapt. Looking at the palm of his gloves after 30+ League games, 40+ practices, 15 Tournament games, Playoffs, and some teaching with a local hockey school – there is hardly a wear mark on the palm of his glove. Hardly scientific, but it was enough to convince us.

GripTape: Now Available in 5 Colours!