If your house is like mine, you’ve got some leftover Halloween candy hanging around the house.  No, we’re not raiding our kids’ stash like many of you might be–ours are away at University–we just simply overbought.  I brought a bunch in to the BladeTape Offices here for everyone to share in and help get rid of it, as I’m trying to slim down…..

BladeTape’s Halloween Leftovers Sale consists our very popular Fossoyeurs “Reaper” design, as well as our ghost White Player and Goalie BladeTape, and Ghost White GripTape.  If you want Better Puck Control on your nice composite stick, why are you still taping old school?—BladeTape it!  BladeTape offers Better Puck Control to players of all ages and skill levels, and will last many of you all season.

Head on over to our shop and get 30% off our Reaper design and our White Player, Goalie and GripTape, now through Tuesday November 7.  Oh, and lay off the Candy!…..

“Fossoyeur’s Reaper” TauntTape


BladeTape – White