Happy HoliDeals!

Shopping for the ultimate in affordable holiday gift ideas for an entire hockey team? Take a closer look at the BladeTape Custom TeamPack.
Custom Printed BladeTape for The Whole Team

Expect smiles and excitement: Kids can’t wait to hit the ice with sticks sporting team graphics, logo, and even their own jersey numbers. It’s pretty much a given they’ll upgrade their stick’s blade before they’ll leave the dressing room. BladeTape may take a little getting used to. Some players adapt within one or two practices. Others take to it after several minutes.

Coaches and parents (and kids) might just notice the team’s puck control suddenly improving. Watch for softer hands, better stickhandling and more accurate passing and shooting. This is patented puck control technology we’re talking about, here, after all. You may even see a few new beauticians emerge on your team, as the season progresses: Coast to coast stickhandling, dirty dangles, top cheese – and plenty more celly.


Recent Custom TeamPack Orders

BladeTape Custom TeamPacks thrill kids of all ages, including: Beer leaguers, tournament organizers and sponsors – even some of your favourite hockey media personalities.

It’s cool, improves play, and who knows? It may even be your ticket to another Hockey Mom or Hockey Dad of the year award.

Footing the full $211 bill, or splitting the cost between families is your call – but don’t delay placing your order.

Custom TeamPacks are produced and shipped on a first come, first-served basis – and this is our busiest season of the year.

BladeTape Custom TeamPacks Include:

  • 15 Player sets
  • 2 Goalie sets
  • Graphic design
  • Custom printing
  • Project management

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