Recently, a Canadian women’s hockey team decided to show their love and support to a teammate battling breast cancer – by ordering custom-printed #PuckCancer BladeTape for the entire team. After taking the order, I found myself suddenly, and deeply moved by the realization that my little company could potentially play a part in something much bigger and more important than giving the hockey world better puck control (not that we don’t love that role): I realized that BladeTape has the privilege and honour of delivering a message of love and support from the team, to their teammate, Kirsten. Days afterward, I still found myself welling up with tears at the thought of it.

Kirsten’s Warriors #PuckCancer

kirsten-warriorsBladeTape fans, like the greater hockey community, love to do their part in raising awareness and money to fund cancer research – lifesaving research that has resulted with breakthroughs in early diagnosis and treatment of cancers of all kinds. The NHL’s Hockey Fights Cancer comes to mind, as perhaps the highest profile example. As “Kirsten Warriors” demonstrates – it also happens throughout Canada and the United States at a very grassroots, very personal level. With thanks to Kirsten and her Warriors, I realized that – through BladeTape – I have an opportunity and desire to contribute more – so we’re announcing a new project today.

Inspired by Kirsten and her Warriors – BladeTape is developing a new line of #PuckCancer products:

The first two products (below) are now available for purchase – and we’re donating $2.50 from the sale of every set of Pink Camo #PuckCancer BladeTape to the Breast Cancer Society of Canada. We’ll roll out other designs and similar products in the next several weeks. If you like the idea and decide to share it on social media, please remember to include a #puckcancer hashtag. Thank you, in advance, for your support!

Pink Camo #PuckCancer BladeTape (TeamPack and Single Player)

For each Single Player set of Pink Camo #PuckCancer sold, BladeTape will donate $2.50 to the Canadian Breast Cancer Society. For each TeamPack sold, BladeTape donates $45.