Dateline: Tuesday October 17, 2017


Still bleary eyed, but armed with my trusty travel mug — I throw some custom printed BladeTape in my bag. I pet my wife, kiss the cat and dog — and hurry out the door. Half-a-minute later, I’m headed back to the house, where I find my wife — leaning on the door frame, twirling my keys on her finger. Soon, I’m in the car, bound for Toronto, ‘booking it’ down one of the heaviest traveled Highway systems in the world.

I’m stressed…

I feel anxious and unprepared. I’m driving with one eye on the clock. The other eye spots a speed trap. I brake. Suddenly, I’m imagining the conversation I might have with one of Ontario’s finest—after the old license, registration and a “What’s your hurry?” — I find myself explaining that I’m going to be late for my appearance on The Raw Mike Richards LIVE Sports Podcast. Suddenly, I’ve got a police escort—-thankfully, I didn’t get stopped and that didn’t play out.

Over 100 minutes after leaving home (and after circling the block twice) I finally find a parking spot, pay, grab my stuff and dash across King St. in Toronto’s busy downtown. I arrive at the studio panting, sweating — and a full 9 minutes before I’m supposed to go on. That’s 540 seconds. Plenty long enough to make yourself nervous about missing the start.

Raw Mike Richards Show: Serious Sports Fun

I’ve arrived at Mike Richards’ Studio, from which he livestreams and podcasts (possibly my favourite sports show of all time), The Raw Mike Richards Show.

Mike, as you may know, is a longtime radio broadcaster, well-known to Canadian sports fans. Legend has it that he still has a near-religious following in the Calgary area, after six or seven years doing out there what Mike Richards does best.

Mike’s talents blend in-depth sports knowledge and understanding, a great sense of humour, a wicked arsenal of impersonations with an entirely welcoming and friendly vibe. He’s the kind of guy you want to hang with over a beer, talking sports and laughing too loudly. Co-host David Bastl (a Canadian sports media personality in his own right) shares Mike’s talents and passions — and, together, the two pack a 1-2 punch. I sincerely appreciated their warm welcome and hospitality. It was great to see Dave’s mind racing with Custom BladeTape possibilities. I’m pretty sure he described our BladeTape Custom TeamPack without knowing it.

Partnering with the The Raw Mike Richards Show is a no brainer. Mike’s become a personal friend and (as you know by now) I love the show. Listen once or twice yourself (airs weekdays) and you’ll be hooked too. Go ahead and subscribe to Mike’s newsletter and/or to Raw Mike Richards on YouTube. Dude even has his own Wikipedia Stub. How does one get a stub? I’ll have to ask Mike over a beer.

Check out our segment on The Raw Mike Richards Show below.

Feel free to comment with your best chirp about my, uh, performance — and there may just be a BladeTape spiff of some kind it it for ya.