State Wars 2016, Fort Wayne Indiana, July 27-Aug 7

  • 10 days of intense Inline Hockey.
  • Over 2,000 players from Age 6 to Pro.
  • 3 rinks in one Central Location.
  • Lots of Hardware with National Bragging rights to be handed out.

…I’m in!

BladeTape has been a big part of many Inline Hockey Teams and Tournaments for years.

At an early July Tourney in California, one of our BladeTape sponsored teams finished 3rd in the Pro division, bringing home the bronze to BC. So when Tim McManus, National Director of State Wars, called looking for more Custom BladeTape to sell to Tournament Players in mid-July, I told him “no problem Tim, and I’m going to deliver them to Fort Wayne myself”. And thus my second road trip to Indiana in 3 months started…

Why Fort Wayne?…

Players come from all over the US and Canada to represent their State or Province at State Wars. “While locales such as Southern California or Florida might be more what one associates with Inline Hockey, keeping State Wars in a central location is paramount to our success” says McManus. “If we were to pick a Tournament site in say Southern California, that would mean a heck of a long drive or a bunch of flights for East Coast teams, and that just wouldn’t work. Keeping State Wars in the middle of the Country makes it the most successful Inline Tournament on the Continent.” This ‘keeping it central’ idea has possible locations for next year’s State Wars rumoured as Chicago or St. Louis, also previous hosts.

Inline Hockey Is Cool!

As mentioned, BladeTape has been involved with Inline for years, going way back before my ownership of the Company, but this was my first experience with Inline. I WAS COMPLETELY BLOWN AWAY.
The game is completely different from what I grew up playing, and what I just spent the last 11 years Coaching high level Rep Ice Hockey here in Canada.

The level of competition at every age group was extremely high, and the lighter Inline gear, from pants and jerseys to helmets and gloves were quite cool. Companies such as Alkali and Tour support Inline play heavily—in fact, they have built themselves quite the business on it. While I wasn’t at State Wars for the entire 10 days, I enjoyed myself immensely in the short time I was there, meeting players and supporters from all over North America as well as a few teams from England. Even more encouraging for BladeTape?—over 25% of the players I saw out there were using BladeTape on their sticks to make some beauty passes, great dekes, and score some highly impressive goals with precision snipes.

So, if you’re an Inline player, and you haven’t tried BladeTape yet, what’s stopping you?

BladeTape will be heavily supporting State Wars in 2017. See you there again next summer!