“Top Shelf!” “Bar Down!”

Chirping: The lively art of getting inside your opponent’s head in the corners, at the face off –or in the goal crease.

Built for Snipers, Instigators and Beer Leaguers, new TauntTape for Players is the first and only hockey line that does the talking ON THE ICE. That we know of.

Let’s have some fun with this!

If you have a chirpy idea for TauntTape, drop Ted at BladeTape a note. I’d love to work with you on your idea, and if we get to production with it: BladeTape will look after you with BladeTape swag, not to mention a supply of your very own TauntTape design (Maybe we’ll even turn this into a contest?!?)


We haven’t forgotten you! We’re working on some ideas – and want to hear from you, as well. Stay tuned.